Mariagrazia Palacios/ La Paz.- Picture this, you have been working nonstop the whole month and you decide to take a well deserve vacation.  You want to go on adventure  and you hear about La Paz, Bolivia. You are thrilled to go but you are afraid your diet woulbe based fries, rice and basically junk. Well here is an answer to all your worries, La Paz is consider as one of Bolivia´s  city with   more varity for vegetirians. Here is some information that might be useful if you ever come “ La Paz Maravillosa”:


Go out

Step 1: Decide who you are going out with.

Either if you decide to go alone or with a partner knowing who you are going to eat with is very important, you have to take their opinion into account and consider how much money you will expend.

Step 2: Decide your budget.

Having a budget in my mind is very important when you decide to go out, La Paz counts with many options for you with all kind of prize ranges.

Step 3: Decide where to go.

Here is a list of 15 of the best vegetarian restaurants you can find. If you are not planning to expend a lot of money, these places are for you. Remember these are exclusively vegetarian. There are many places with contain vegetarian options in their menu.

If you are not planning to expend a lot of money, these places are for you. Remember these are exclusively vegetarian. There are many places with contain vegetarian options in their menu.

1. Lupito

Sopocachi, pasaje Cardón #14. 

It is a vegan restaurant with very affordable prizes. Their vegan bowls are the most delicious and nutritious you can find. It is the perfect place to try the traditional anticuchos, salchipapas, chicharron and other meals that are usually hard to find. A great place to go try traditional food.

2. Radha Raman

C/ Sucre #943 almost Yanacocha corner. Hostal Ecobamboo 3th floor.

Owners belong to Krishnas religion.  So its easier to find delicius hindi food, and according the day you may find diferent options like typical dishes or fast food.

3. WellnessFood (carrito de comidas)

Calle Jose Maria Aguirre Acha calle 2 La Paz

A food truck where you can try a mouthwatering ceviche in a Peruvian style. (You can order a mango or palmetto, which are the best) This can be an excellent dinner if you want to take a walk through the South part of the city.

4. Mana de los cielos

Miraflores. Miraflores. St. Guerrilleros Lanza, Héroes del Pacífico corner. A block away from plaza Uyuni.

An adventist place with one of the best service you will find. Try de chairo or peanut soups, which are one of the tradicional and delicious dishes you can try to get to know Bolivias gastronomy.  Quality is granted.

5. Tomate Café

C/Ayacucho #376 almost Potosí.

It has a very vast menu with different lunch options. Sometimes they offer vegetarian or vegan tucumanas, highly recommended. The good thing is that if you arrived after lunch time, they will prepare for you vegetarian burgers. Depending on the day there are combos and discounts.

6. Casa del Sol

Calle Goitia #127

They have a diverse menu, which they post on their Facebook page, and the best part is that most of the products they use for cooking are obtained from their own garden.

7. Govinda

Av. 20 de Octubre#2519 Sopocachi

If you are hungry, this place is for you. They offer a variety of salads for the entrance, soup, second plates and dessert. It is somewhat spicy, but if you like strong flavors this place will please you.

8. Namasté

C/Zoilo Flores #1334 almost esq Almirante Grau – San Pedro

It is a very peaceful place and an artistic house, it has great background music, and if you are lucky there are musicians performing. The food is very rich, and out of what we are used to. They play with colors, textures, shapes and smells. It may seem kind of gourmet but you will have had a very good culinary experience.

9. Lurathapi

C/bella vista between aspiazu and ecuador-Sopocachi

This place is where the animalists meet, almost every Friday night, and instead of beer they offer kombucha, they also give delicious anticuchos, tacos and fast food to accompany.

10. La Ventanita

Calle 3 de los Pinos

This place has details everywhere you look at, it has a beautiful vintage decoration and the attention will make you feel better than at home. Lunches vary as in other places. Your food will spoil your stomach and your heart will be happy that you chose that place for lunch.

11. Go Green

Sánchez lima #493 near de la plaza Abaroa

It is a place where you can find vegan fast food. You will find hamburgers, nachos and all kinds of typical fast foods. They have pleasant juices and beers.

12. Armonia

Av. ecuador #2286 sopocachi

The food is very tasteful, they make it with the products of their garden. An orchard that guarantees you that agrochemicals were not used in that land in more than 30 years. It’s a restaurant where people whisper. If you let yourself be carried away by everything that they offer in the buffet, you will leave the restaurant rolling. It is very yummy, and the owners are very kind and educated people.

13. Flor de Loto (vegetariano-vegano)

St. Pedro Salazar and Presbítero Medina (“la huerta”)

 It is vegan/vegetarian place which offers food by weight. The food is delightful, with a Hindu touch. The place is next to a shop that offers a great cultural variety and is very committed to animals.

14. Salvale

Calle Potosí, casi esquina Loayza. Nro. 1350

Es un snack vegano que se abrió este mes. Los dueños promueven actividades culturales y están muy comprometidos con los animales.

15. Natur Center

Last, but not least, one of the places that any vegetarian should go to is Samuel’s Laines Adventist restaurant, a biologist and naturopath who offers a good lunch at 15 Bs. They are strong soups with a variety of second plates. Entering that place, after crossing Pérez Street, one of the most chaotic places in the city, is relaxing and welcoming. The waiters are very attentive, especially with the elderly who always go to lunch at the restaurant.


«Yapita» (This are more expensive, but totally worth it)

1. Ali Pacha

calle Colon casi esquina Potosi

They do not identify as a vegan restaurant, so a wider audience attends. Some may say this restaurant does not fill you at all, and it is a place of gourmet food where the gastronomic experience is the most valuable. A marvelous presentation, with waiters who explain the origin of the products and everything you want to know. Perfect for going to dinner with your partner, or alone.

2. Café Vida

Sagarnaga #219-galería chuquiago

En este lugar podrás encontrar gente que te hable en inglés. (al igual que en Ali Pacha). Hay burritos veganos, jugos, sandwiches, bowls veganos.

Step 4: Enjoy your meal

This is the most important part. Enjoy what you eat you do not have to worry, there are place where you will find great options for a vegetarian diet, so just go out and enjoy it.


Cook for yourself

Step 1: Decide what you are going to make

There are times going out is not an option so you are forced to cook for yourself but do not worry there are many ways to cook a delicious vegetarian food. Decide what you eat and do not worry about the ingredients, La Paz has many places to shop for organic or vegetarian products.

Step 2: Buy the ingredients you are going to need.

Finding the right ingredients for your meal is a very important part for cooking, here are some places where you can find all kinds of organic and healthy products such as coconut oil or butter, almond milk or other products.

– Zoco San Miguel

– La Huerta. Plaza Abaroa.

– Ecotambo. Plaza Lira.

– Irupana Agencies

Step 3: Cook your meal

Now that you have the right ingredients it is time to cook, have fun and create a delicious meal.

 Step 4: Enjoy it

 Enjoy and share your creation with friends or family.



Traditional Food and where to find it

A big part of traveling and getting to know the place you visit is the food. A big part of Bolivian gastronomy involves meat but here are some that do not:

 – Plato paceño that you can find at Api Happy a cute and very clean restaurant

– Papalisa, pesque, or papa a la huancaína. These dishes can be found in the markets of the city. As an example Lanza or Camacho markets.

– Salteña. You cannot leave La Paz without trying the typical Salteñas. And good news, almost every salteña’s place has a vegetarian option for you. 🙂 (Paceña, Hornito, Castores).

 Tips: Watch out for your health

It is very common that tourists that get to La Paz get food poison so here are some tips to avoid it:

Your first days here try to eat only boiled vegetables.

Wash lettuce with disinfectant, vinegar or lemon.

Peel the tomatoes and all the vegetables.

Buy bottled water.

More info


– Bolivia Vegan.

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